A spring trench, yeah yeah

My fat ass doesn’t fit in Zara trench coats. I desperately tried to make their size L work when a rather pretty full skirt version was heavily reduced during the winter sale. It looked fine open, but what good is an item of clothing if you can’t properly wear it. My German had better luck than I and set his desire to blend in with society aside and bought a dark mustard trench.


Besides its rich history and classic design, it’s a flattering coat in almost any color as long as you take your time picking the right one.

I ended up selling my last trench on Poshmark (seen here) because it was not the right length, it was too tight around the waist and the material felt cheap.


I found this coat on ASOS and instantly fell for its feminine shape and back details. The criss cross yoke, large lapels and pleated skirt gives it character, and best of all, it fits.




We paired our coats with all black outfits to not detract from the coat. I wore a black lace dress with a flirty full skirt and my German wore a charcoal sweater, black pants and Converse.





I’ve been looking up ways to tie the belt in the front and back, and we semi-mastered the Burberry knot on the back of the mustard coat. I’ve seen several variations, but I keep going back to the way it was tied when I received it in the mail.



Coat: ASOS
Dress: H&M (blue version)
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Lips: Tarte’s “Classy”

On zeh German:

Coat: Zara
Sweater: H&M (similar)
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse

Did you like the amount of douchey photos in this post? Much faded, very Instagram.

Oh and yeah, my hair is shorter. I’m still not completely satisfied because it’s basically just a short version of my former hair. I need something different, yo. The suggestions box is open.

  • Thanks for the link to my post on how to do a Burberry knot.

    I like that other knot you tried, it is what I do to my leather belts on pants or around the waist instead of belting it conventionally.

    Not sure if you have tried it yet, but do a regular belt across the waist in place of the trench tie itself. I have yet to do this, but something like a leather obi belt or something.