All in the thighs

I like the look of my jackets being zipped or buttoned to the neck. As someone who doesn’t go shopping regularly, I need to find ways to be creative with my wardrobe, and this is my current favorite way to wear my jackets. See a similar look here.









Jacket: Target
Dress: Pacsun
Shoes: Modcloth
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Co.
Socks: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors

Over-the-knee socks are tricky for thick-legged gals like myself. I found the best way to get them from rolling past my knee was to pull them as far as they can stretch without much pull, and then folding down a couple inches of the top until it rests on my knee. It’s motivation to keep up my fitness routine, but I still like the look. Very Babymetal inspired, not going to lie.

  • Kendall

    Oh Leah you may be converting me to the high socks deal. I already did knee high socks. Then over the knee boots. It’s a natural trajectory. Are you doing anything for fitness specifically? I could use some major motivation. Hope your nihongo is going swimmingly.

    • Well, I can definitely introduce myself and could probably hold a conversation about food and riding bikes with a toddler. Progress?

      I really like FitnessBlender, and I may try the 21 Day Fix just to kick my ass back into a strict schedule. I’m not sure if you’ve checked out FitnessBlender on YouTube, but the couple who runs it have unique workouts and skip out on the cheesy background music, extreme enthusiasm and have real, healthy figures. No fake tans or stopping during the move to talk about the move. God I hate that. Kelli and Daniel work out with you the entire time:

      Over the knee socks are rocking my world and I bet they would rock yours. Try it!

  • I love that over the knee look on you! You look marvelous!


  • Fantastic look! Fab print of the dress

    Made in Mauve

  • Cute outfit, I love love love over the knee socks 🙂

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