Denim and eggplant

Dressing down the frills.








Dress: Madewell
Jacket: American Eagle
Flats: American Eagle
Necklace: Forever 21

I’ve cut processed foods and dessert out of my diet and have been eating nothing but Mother Nature’s bountiful bullshit, which has made me extremely cranky this week. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago but have never been able to get back on track, and I know food has a lot to do with it. I can only do so many Fitness Blender 1,000 calorie workout videos until I realize that the chub on my arms isn’t budging because I eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s every Saturday, and think four donuts suffices as a Friday treat. Something needed to change.

How do you stay on track and away from unhealthy food?

  • Kendall

    You look great! Love the shoes; I am at peg Bundy levels of being a sucker for leopard print. This is going to sound terrible but sometimes I’m motivated by well, unmotivated people. Like what do I not want to look like? Working in an office definitely sucks. I got a standing desk and take walks on my break but really need to do more. Just got back on my mountain bike so hopefully that’ll help. But I have a huge sweet tooth!

  • I like the dress… lovely outfit 🙂

  • This is such a great ensemble with the casual denim and frills. The print shoes cap it off with a nice touch! You look amazing just as you are. I like to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, bake or saute them up fancy and protein rich foods. Then I eat heartily on the chocolates cause I love pleasure. Have a great one!