Getting annoyed by Instagram again

I have been the most negative asshole for the past few blog posts but it does not stop now, friends. Instagram is so easy to complain about, yet I still use it.

I’ve even thought about deleting mine Essena O’Neill style and posting a rant about how insufferable it all is, but then I remember that the public generally only values the opinion of popular, thin and, dare I say, white women and not an insignificant pudgy girl in glasses.

But I am not here to shit on popular blogger stereotypes (at least not today) but instead on those who think their “audience” is upset when they don’t post new content for a few days.


Sometimes I will see a blog write, “I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA! I will have a new blog post up soon, lovelies” or “My blog post is actually going to go up TOMORROW and not at 5 p.m. eastern, so so sorry! Stay tuned!” Even YouTubers do it with their specific scheduling as if we are all sitting at home screaming at our computers because StaceyTutorials hasn’t uploaded her 13,000th glittery cut crease makeup look yet.




I understand that some of the bigger bloggers and YouTubers do have dedicated readers and viewers who look forward to a new look. I have one YouTuber in particular I watch as soon as she uploads a video, and actually get irritated when she hasn’t uploaded in a while. IT’S BEEN A MONTH NOW, KASSIE.



I don’t know the demands of these bloggers and YouTubers, so perhaps their apologetic posts are warranted. I still feel that it is appropriate to question the self-importance one might develop when creating a website or video channel completely about one’s self. It requires a bit of narcissism to stand in front of a camera and document your face, clothes and personality.

I have gone weeks without posting anything on my blog before and feared that I was tarnishing my reputation, but in the end, I didn’t have one. And I bet a lot of these other bloggers apologizing on behalf of their silence don’t have one either. Social media, websites and videos are fast entertainment, and if you’re not creating something, I’m sure there is someone doing it in your place.

Coat: ASOS
Sweater: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Flats: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Bracelet: H&M

I have stripes, rips and a feather pattern going on in this look. I don’t hate it.

  • Veronica Urbaniak

    I was JUST thinking about this – a blogger I follow on Bloglovin announced she is going to change from twice a week to three times a week posting, and how *excited* she was about the change. I was like um, ok? My pattern is open my Bloglovin app and browse to see what has been posted in the last 24 hours. I don’t pay attention to who posts when – when it shows up in Bloglovin, I will read it. and even then, when I have time. Reading blogs is a hobby for me, not a job!

    • Exactly, I check my YouTube subscriptions and Bloglovin every so often, and casually watch/read what accumulates. It turns me off from someone when they carry themselves in this manner, and I kind of feel like a jerk for pointing out something seemingly insignificant, but it can be so insufferable. Thanks for the response, Veronica ^_^