Houston Blogger Brunch

I attended my first local blogger event last weekend! You really learn a lot about yourself when you go to an event alone. I noticed that I need to be more comfortable with selling myself as the face of Morning Ink and that it’s not worth worrying about your blogger social status. I was surrounded by talented women and men who had either been in the business for years, or had just started months before. I don’t get to talk about my hobby too often with others, so I enjoyed discussing things like the woes of posing and Google Adsense.













I finally became an official member of Houston Fashion Bloggers today, and I am so thrilled to be associated with such an amazing group of talent. We discussed how underappreciated Houston is for its style and beauty scene, and that it’s up to us to prove that this city has more to it than oil and gas. I want to be a part of that change, so this is a step in the right direction.

See you all at the next event!

  • Kendall

    congrats, Leah, that’s great! Excited to see how your blog and style evolve. I follow another Houston blogger, shop and twirl. You guys have some serious style. Love the red infinity scarf.

    • Thank you, Kendall. I’m so glad you read my blog because I always appreciate your feedback.

  • I’m thinking about joining HFB, but I wanted to build my blog up a bit first, I’ve only been at it for a month now. Can you tell me more about the group and how it works?