It’s hopeless

Spring in February. (Artsy photos included for added (douchey) effect.)









Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: American Eagle
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever 21

Floral dresses and cardigans are what I do best. Give me a sunny day and some Jergens for my dry ass legs and I am ready for spring.

Check out these rejects:




  • Vera Sawicki
  • Kendall

    ah, weird early spring/late winter weather. the time nature messes with our hearts and heads by giving us a taste of the pleasant weather we miss before slamming us with another 6 weeks of shit storm (ground hog said it so it must be true). digging the levitation photo and nude heels. such a cute “date night” inspired outfit. thanks for including the rejects, feel like so many bloggers try to have an air of constant perfection.

    • I don’t know if I should jump in a pool or drink hot chocolate. This early spring is a trip, but I guess it’s better than the crap ton of snow my Midwest friends are getting. Houston will probably get hit by a hurricane to make up for this great weather because nature is an asshole.

      I always save my worst photos and never post them, but these made me lol.

      • Lydia Sifuentez Moreno

        Don’t say the “H” word around here. Ike is still fresh in our mind.

  • oooo. Love the douchey effect on these photos; kinda feels vintage but dreamy. Like the flow of ur dres too that goes well with the added photo effect.

    • Oh no, I was calling myself douchey, as in obnoxious, for using nature photos, but I appreciate the compliment on my editing! You’re the best, Joua!

  • Tracy

    Great spring look, would love for the weather to allow me to wear new-season outfits but I’ll have to wait for a few more weeks!

    • Thanks, Tracy! Yeah, my friends who live in snowy parts of the world are envious of Texas’ warm weather, but I personally like the cold and miss it already.

  • DMaia

    Love the cut of that dress at the top it’s so sweet!