October 1st

I didn’t experience a noticeable shift in seasons while growing up in Texas. Summer lasts well into September, and the leaves seemed to go from green to brown overnight. I remember eagerly watching the weather report at the start of October to see if a cool front was headed our way. I longed for the smell of autumn, wearing my hoodie to school and having hot cocoa at home. It was even more exciting when it was cold enough to light the fireplace in our living room and sit comfortably in pajama pants and sweaters.


It wasn’t until I started college in Indiana did I really get to see what Fall is supposed to look like. The trees looked like the ones I had seen in movies and calendars, and the chill in the air came sooner. I replaced my hot cocoa with coffee and pumpkin beer, and actually had a reason to buy a proper coat.


I moved to Germany last December and have had the pleasure of experiencing a proper shift in seasons for a full year (and hopefully many years to come). Pumpkin lattes are also a thing here, but so are hedgehogs as decorations and drinking mulled wine, something I am not accustomed to. Halloween is not popular and is overshadowed by Oktoberfest, but this isn’t stopping me from decorating our balcony with a giant spider and web.




To celebrate the haunting yet festive spirit of October, I wore this Gothic-style feminine dress with a pair of Blucher shoes I bought too late into Winter this year. This dress is definitely an upgrade from my black hoodies, but still captures a dark feel with its lace detailing on the bodice and haunting print. It’s lightweight with elastic lace at the end of the sleeves and is fully lined. This is probably my favorite Dezzal piece so far.



Dress: c/o Dezzal
Shoes: Zara
Rings: Forever 21

Happy October.