Please don’t steal my camera

I take all my own photos with a tripod, timer and a remote. I really like this method because it allows me even more creative freedom, I’ve learned the basics of a DSLR and I get to decide when and where I shoot. I typically take photos in the evening after work, and wait until the sun has set and there is a dull glow. It’s great lighting, and I am only sweating half as much. I may make a post on how I take my own photos soon.

That being said, I am much more vulnerable to theft and curious people passing by. A questionable crowd wanders around my area, and a girl in a skirt and blouse standing 10 feet away from something that could buy them food for a month looks like it would have a winning outcome in their favor. I love working on my blog, but it has become increasingly difficult to do. I need this creative outlet for my own personal sake, but I also care about my safety.








Top: Zara
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: H&M
Ring: Forever 21

Today I stayed safe near my house and used my old lens since my nicer one requires a great length of distance for shooting. I don’t want this to become a regular thing though. For someone who rides public transit, I can be a pretty strong person emotionally, and, if need be, physically. I am not afraid to fight for myself, but I feel so much more exposed and susceptible to harm when parading around in a prohibitive outfit.

This is a serious concern of mine, and who better to talk about it with than other bloggers, and readers. Any advice? How would you handle this situation?

  • This is honestly something I worry about if I ever start using a tripod and doing my own photos. You work at a college campus, right? Would you be able to do photos there? College campuses feel safer to me for some reason. There might be more people around but they are generally not sketchy. Ugh, I’m so sorry you are dealing with this! 🙁 I do love this skirt on you!

    • Yeah, I have been considering just having shoots on the weekend or during my lunch breaks at work, since the campus is pretty safe and there are usually other people there taking photos as well. I just don’t like the idea of traveling with my equipment on the train, but this blog is important enough to me to make the effort. Plus the campus is so pretty. Thanks!

  • Aww, that sucks! I feel that way when I see vloggers on Youtube sit their vlogging cam down and walk by (and sometimes even DRIVE by it) and I can’t help but think “well that’s risky.” I like the other commenter’s idea, but since you use public transit, I can understand if you don’t want to carry around a 5lb camera plus a tripod to work. Maybe you can work more inside? I know it’s not always the best, but it leaves another option if you notice any shady people walking around. Maybe you could even look around your area for a big open field/park, that way if someone is getting too close for comfort you could pick up your camera before they get to it. If it comes down to it keep mace or a taser in your purse, this is TEXAS!

    • No lie, I always have mace either in whatever purse I am wearing in my blog post, or in my camera case. It still doesn’t feel like enough though. I’m considering just driving to the campus and shooting several posts on the weekend, which feels less authentic to me, but a nice, safe alternative. My family is even now offering to stand near my camera while I shoot, so there’s that option too. Bah, I’ll make it work. Freaking Houston. People can be desperate.

  • Heather Petrey

    Great photos! It’s sad that we live in a world where we don’t always feel safe… Don’t be afraid to ask a fellow blogger to collaborate in a photo shoot. If I’m ever free, I’d be happy to help out.

  • You took such great photos!! I would definitely suggest taking a friend along with you so that there is another set of eyes on your equipment and you at all times!

  • Mayra Vasquez

    OMG you are so cute! This post was so adorable it made me laugh. I’m sorry. anyways, I’ve always wanted to take my own photos because it would be easier to work around my schedule rather than plan and wait for someone. I really hope no one steals your equipment, maybe consider shooting some place safe? anyways, if you are ever in need of a photographer let me know! (: I can recommend you a few photographers I work with. (:

  • ashley j.

    I hadn’t thought about any danger involved with being able to take your own photos. Starting to read this I thought it was about to be the post on how to take your own photos (PLEASE WRITE THAT ONE), but this is so understandably frustrating. A good situation to have a blogger friemd around for I gues…

  • This is a tough situation to be in—I can empathize, since one of the reasons that I’ve cut back on posting was because I can’t find a location to take pictures that isn’t 1) in the middle of a busy street or 2) in someone’s yard. There just aren’t that many options sometimes. Also, bringing a friend probably isn’t an option for you or me (If I had a friend willing to be my camera jockey, I wouldn’t be taking my own photos!) I actually really love the location and results of this photoshoot. I know the background might get old, but I think you did a great job varying up the angles. Are there are any other small nooks like this one that are relatively safe?

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