Rockport, Texas

I think I complained about the heat and being sweaty in about 99% of my blog posts from last summer. I don’t like the heat, I don’t like the humidity, and Texas and I are just on general bad terms this time of year. It’s going through menopausal hot flashes and dragging me down its hole of misery and hormones.

I’m not exaggerating.

But hey, Rockport, Texas had the type of hot weather that didn’t make me contemplate learning Danish and moving to Greenland. I’m already struggling enough with German, yikes.

Here are some pretty pictures from my trip:













I loved seeing huge patches of wildflowers with the red sunflowers I used to pick for my mom as a kid. I saw two birds gettin’ it on that day, and even went out into the surprisingly cool water, where I was instructed to shuffle so that I don’t accidentally step on a stingray. With my luck, I’m glad I survived. I attract danger.

Dress: Hollister Co.
Cardigan: Target

This was just the first of my trips coming up in the next month. I am heading to Chicago in less than two weeks to see BABYMETAL, and then heading to Germany and Indiana not long after that! This summer may not actually be that bad.

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen.

  • Going on a trip sounds amazing! I would love to do some traveling.
    I can’t wait to read and see all the pictures you will take. What parts of Germany are you visiting?

    • I’ll be in Cologne majority of the time, but also making a day trip to Bonn to check out what will (hopefully) be the home of my university for my master’s program. Hope you’re well!