Something old, nothing new

Layering the shawl my grandma made me over a floral dress for a warm January look.






Dress: Hollister (similar)
Cardigan: Gilly Hicks (similar)
Shoes: Sam & Libby
Shawl: Gift
Bracelet: Gift

I have one more week of being 25. When does my affinity for combat boots need to end? I mean seriously, I have similar footwear to my 14 year-old niece. She’s cool, but I put anti-aging serums on my face now and I think I’m developing arthritis from cracking my hands so much. No teenager wants to be associated with that.

  • Wow! I love this look. Combat boots are forever–own it and love it! 🙂


  • Heather Petrey

    Yes, try to avoid cracking your hands…lol… Great look!

    • It’s an awful habit. Sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m doing it. I’ll try. Thanks!

  • tchole213

    Love this outfit! Still young but definitely chic and sophisticated.

    • Thank you! I have no idea how to transition into my age so I’m glad that I’m still able to pull this off.

  • Sanah, Beauty and the Pitch

    I love combat boots, no need to ever give up those bad boys xox

    • I agree. Sixteen year-old me would approve.

  • Faith Haller

    I absolutely love combat boots! #CombatBootsForLife. I love how you “winterized” the look but it’s so flirty. Flirty meets HARDCORE lol. Getting ready to fight the winter cold.

    • “Flirty meets hardcore” is basically my mantra for getting dressed. Thank you!

  • Such a cute look. I feel any outfit is made better when you wear a piece of clothing inherited by a family member!


    Live Life in Style

    • Aaah Shasie. Thank you! Every piece I have of hers is very dear to me.

  • Wioletta M.

    You look lovely dear! <3

  • You are very young, you can wear combat boots whenever you want. Love your outfit. 🙂
    I accidentaly found your lovely blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Awards, I hope you don´t mind. If you want, you can check the rules on my blog. Congratulations 🙂