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Comfortable as f**k

My friend Nina invited me over to her apartment to go through her closet and help her figure out how to style items she likes, but rarely wears. Nina’s go-to outfit consists of pants, t-shirts and sneakers, so I was surprised to see a closet full of colorful skirts, long cardigans and sundresses.

We played around with a few of her skirts, particularly a midi jacquard style one she scored for hella cheap at H&M.  We paired it with nude shoes and a gray sweater borrowed from her roommate for a comfy yet feminine look. We also played around with a chambray dress and a few of her cardigans and decided on this fall outfit.







Dress: Esprit
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Cox
Belt: H&M

But okay, she agreed that she liked this look but it wasn’t her typical style. We started coming up with ideas on how best to incorporate her impressive sneaker collection (they are literally taking up four shelves on the shared shoe rack) and mix and match her blouses, t-shirts and pants.



Colored denim makes my short legs look like two melted crayons, but Nina is statuesque and wears this forest green pair well. Her white structured top is also an upgrade from a standard white tee, with its thicker fabric and collar detail.



I explained to Nina and her roommates that I found it surprising that so many Germans wear athletic shoes now, because it was considered a “typical American” thing when I first visited Germany in 2009. Her roommate cleared this up for me by saying, “Germans figured out that they’re comfortable as fuck.” Word.


Jacket: Superdry
Top: COS
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Asics Gel Lyte 3

Thank you to Nina for inviting me to dig into your closet and judge your clothes! I don’t consider myself qualified to give style advice, but I do like playing around with what I already own instead of relying on keeping up with the newest trends.

Nina just started her own blog that focuses on her experience with health and life struggles. She is well-versed on dry skin and cosmetics, and will cover topics on digestive health, living with roommates, music, beauty, style and more. The blog is written in German and can be found at ichmussmal.wordpress.com.