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College tours and Britney Spears’ legs

I hated Britney Spears as a kid because 1. She was dating Justin Timberlake and 2. She was dating Justin Timberlake. But I was awful at hiding that I actually did enjoy her music, and bought her albums despite my disdain. I remember giving her a ton of crap for the beach photoshoot pictures included in the CD booklet of her “Oops…I did it again” album.

“Who wears a sweater and shorts on the beach?” I would say.


No really……who?

Which brings me to today’s outfit. I would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Britney Jean Spears for all of my super lame 11 year-old insults.







Sweater: Target (similar)
Skirt: American Eagle (similar)
Belt: Gap
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar)

“Who wears a sweater and skirt on a sidewalk?”

I get colder on top than I do on the bottom and it’s not really that cold today and I think this is perfectly acceptable for weather like this and don’t look at me like that, Britney!

Okay, so I picture a prospective college student touring their potential future campus in something like this. The stripes that start past the shoulders has such a collegiate feel, and I love it. I rather be outside with the students at my job than inside an office reading GOMI when I should be working. What?

For anyone who may be looking at colleges soon, I put together a Mavatar collection of pieces that I think would suit your tour needs. Mavatar is a handy app that can be used on your handheld device or on Chrome to make it easier to find discount codes while shopping. You add the clothing items that you want from their supported stores, and any possible discounts are applied in your shopping cart. It’s a neat way to buy items from multiple stores at once and save money without having to Google discount codes.

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Happy college hunting!