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Who was drawn by the coolest person ever? This gal. As in me. As in LOOK AT THIS OMG.


One of my looks was illustrated by the fantastic Naomi from Illustrations by Naomi on Etsy. She can also be found on Instagram at NomesArtCorner and her website is http://naomisutanto.com/. She posts daily outfits on her Instagram page in addition to her art. She chose me and several others to draw and I am so thankful she did.


Original outfit post – Summer sets in

Thank you again, Naomi!


West Highland

If there’s anything I love more than circle skirts, it’s a new pair of Vans.







Jacket: American Eagle
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Aeropostale
Shoes: Vans
Necklace: Siberian Art Jewelry

My mom gave me this necklace for Easter and I absolutely love it (thanks, Mom!) because it looks like my little Wesley when he has his full coat in the winter. He recently got his summer cut so he’s a short-haired boy.


I love this little guy so much.

Blood was shed while rolling up the sleeves on this jacket. I sliced my left middle finger open last night and didn’t realize I was bleeding all over myself while struggling to roll up my sleeves. If you look closely on the right sleeve, you may see my internal fluids. Cute.

Have a great Monday (blech) and thank you for reading


Pretty Little Etsy Finds

I took a jewelry class in my last year of college and gained a new respect for anyone in this profession. It requires patience and creativity, and is extremely rewarding. I rarely wear jewelry, but I like to collect interesting baubles and pendants, such as my beloved gold rabbit necklace.

Since it’s the holidays, I thought I would share a few jewelry pieces I’ve spotted on Etsy that may be a great stocking stuffer or a little something special to buy for yourself.

etsy finds

1. Navy Blue Luxe Gold Glitter Triangle Stud Earrings – $13
2. Statement Bib Necklace – $35
3. Initial bracelet – $18
4. 14k Yellow Chevron Stacking Rings – $33

The stacking rings and triangle earrings are ideal for someone who wears minimal jewelry. A statement necklace is the perfect addition to any monochromatic outfit or little black dress. Initial bracelets are just so darn cute.

Support small businesses this holiday season. A unique piece of handmade jewelry is memorable and the perfect gift for someone you love.