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Smile Brilliant – Update and Giveaway!

I started a teeth whitening regime several weeks ago called Smile Brilliant! and I am excited to share my results. I drink a lot of coffee, so my teeth were very noticeably stained. I was most self-conscious about my canine teeth and bottom row, and paid extra attention to these areas during the process.

The active ingredient in the whitening gel is carbamide peroxide, which is broken down and uses oxygen to oxidize the stained organic deposits to whiten your teeth. Smile Brilliant’s products are safe to use, though may cause some tooth and gums sensitivity, which can easily be avoided through proper application.

After I received my trays in the mail, which I demonstrated how to make in my last post, I was impressed with how well they fit in my mouth, and even thought they looked a bit creepy and cool. The whole system is rather sophisticated and easy to use, and I put together a little demonstration video to show how simple it is to achieve brighter teeth in a short time.

My mom and I both followed this process for a week, wearing our trays in the morning for at least 45 minutes. I wore mine as I got ready for work, or at night before bed. We’re proud of our results, and I wonder how much my teeth would have improved if I had worn the trays for an hour or more. Perhaps it’s something you can try.

Here are our results:


before and after_leah_1

before and after_leah_2

My mom:

before and after_lydia_1

before and after_lydia_2

The main thing I notice is that the yellow/gray shade of our teeth became whiter and brighter. Our teeth look healthier and have a white ombré fading to the tip of our enamel. Continued use would probably result in even more dramatic results, but I am pleased with this process.

If you are interested in purchasing your own teeth whitening kit, be sure to check out Smile Brilliant so that you can read more about the process and make sure it’s right for you. For a 5% discount, enter “morningink” at checkout.

The giveaway can be found here. You can win $139.90 in store credit which buys all of the products mentioned at the end of the video. This giveaway is open to everyone. Good luck!

Best Teeth Whitening


Oh hey. It’s a pretty nice day today.






Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Modcloth
Purse: Forever 21 (similar here)
Ring: Modcloth

Much outfit. How blue. Wow. It is insanely gorgeous outside today so I thought I would match the sky. We’re total twinsies.



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