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Bad at change

I desperately need new glasses. My current lenses no longer work for my 90 year-old eyes and my frames are so dirty that a public toilet is afraid to go near them. But you know what, I’m used to them. They fit my face. They’ve never let me down.

I’m afraid of change. 

Right, so I am awful at picking out new glasses and then accepting that this new different shape of plastic is going to sit on my face for the next 5 years. So, um. Help! I did the home try-on thing through Warby Parker and took some photos so lez do dis.

Be honest.

These first three are examples of “fun” pairs I would maybe like to have for home when doing homework or running errands. I don’t know, it makes sense in my head.

1. Welty


My damn face. Okay, let’s keep going.

2. Finch


3. Watts (Which I already know I do not like. I love Harry Potter, I don’t want to BE Harry Potter)


Now we’re in regular, everyday glasses territory. Something to replace my current face crap.

4. Langston


5. Nedwin


I just realized that the names of these glasses sound like guys I would want to punch during class at a British boarding school.

“Oh blimey Nedwin, piss off.”

PERSONALLY, I rather like Langston, but I would get them in black:


Smug bastard.

So what do you think! Should I say no to the “big glasses” look, or give it a shot? Are you feeling Langston too?

Also, can we look at my super stylish outfit for this horribly mediocre photoshoot:


Much fashion.