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Go Goshen Go

Did I mention I went to college in Indiana? Eighteen-year-old me thought it would be a cool idea to move to a state I had never been to before to attend a tiny college where I knew absolutely no one.

And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My college friends fit so perfectly into my life, and are still people I love and can depend on. So I was really excited when one of my best friends from Goshen College got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid. We had all been looking forward to this trip for the past year, and it was every bit as hilarious and wonderful as I had hoped.

I enjoyed spending time downtown having drinks at our favorite bar and trying new and old food places, like El Camino Real #4 and Venturi. I was even reunited with my beloved co-op tiramisu, which I used to bike downtown for on rough days, or, you know, just because it is the best freaking tiramisu I’ve ever had in my life.














My old roommates and I walked around campus, and it felt strange to be back in such a familiar, yet changed place. Wildflowers and high grasses now grow where we used to climb over the train tracks, an underpass now connects both sides of campus and everything had a fresh coat of paint and updated security. Since we couldn’t enter the dorms, we took turns smelling through the door, the smell reminding us of our first years as college students. It was odd, and a little sad but I’m glad I visited. Some of my best memories are from college, and they allllllmost make me forget all the debt I accumulated from studying there.

Ally’s wedding was beautiful, and I teared up as I watched her walk down the aisle. I will share photos from that day in a future post. But I had a moment where all of my friends and I were dancing in a big circle, and I just looked around at them feeling proud of the adults we have become. We don’t all have life figured out, and I don’t know if we ever will, but I am proud to call these hilarious, appropriately immature and generous people my friends.

“And the lasting ties of friendship woven through with hopes and fears,
May they ne’er be brok’n asunder in the distant coming years;
Though our future paths may lead us to fair heights we cannot see,
Alma Mater, ‘ere we leave you, loyalty we pledge to thee.

Goshen College ever singing, to her motto we’ll be true,
Honor to our Master bringing, Alma Mater we love you.”