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To be a student

I am currently taking a math class. Do you feel my pain?

If you are good at math, and maybe actually enjoy it, I envy you. Math takes a while for me to comprehend, and almost kept me from graduating high school. I’m taking this class online, and there’s only a week left and I think I am doing alright so far….besides doing the wrong assignments for the first two weeks and living with the dread of my upcoming final exam. I am awful at exams.










Top: Forever 21 (It’s actually a dress, similar here)
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Watch: c/o JORD
Backpack: Target

After math, I am hopefully taking a German class this fall. Working full-time and doing homework is not ideal, but I know this crap will pay off.

But god, math. Make it stop.


Breaking the rules

I had the privilege of being photographed by Sofia Touassa, an extremely talented and cheery fashion designer who is the brainchild of the brand FPCO Limited. We met on a sunny afternoon at a local park, and explored a Japanese garden that had a dry waterfall. Despite the signs warning us not to enter, I clambered down the rocks and tried my best not to have a serious accident that would make it to the front page of the Houston Chronicle.

Okay, it really wasn’t that difficult, but Sofia snapped photos as I spun and moved around, her instructions and positioning being very new for me, since I shoot my own photos with a tripod, timer and remote. My routine for taking photos is rather methodical, so I am intrigued by the vision of another photographer.

full body shot 5

necklace shot 2

full body shot 4

shoe details

full body shot

skirt shot

jewelry details 1

bag detail 1

accessories shot 1

portrait 4

portrait 5

Top: H&M
Skirt: Banana Republic (faux-leather version)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21

A warm day, a breezy outfit. I am living in t-shirts and skirts this summer, and appreciate the versatility of this accordion skirt. Anything that can take me from the office to drinks with friends and not make me feel like a literal hot mess is a definite win.

Thank you to Sofia for inviting me out in this Houston heat and making me feel like a totally cool blogger.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @DYDesigner and Twitter at @DYDesigner!

Pretty basic

Oh god pants again.

What’s going on?








Top: Elegantees
Pants: Forever 21
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Minimal pieces with bold elements. This top is one of my favorites that I own because it really tests my styling capabilities. It’s also quite dramatic, and is rather short on my long torso. I paired it with these high-waisted black jeans and waddup. Instant balance.

I haven’t shopped for spring clothes yet because I’ve had other expenses lately like oh, I don’t know, A PLANE TICKET TO GERMANY. Yes, homie. I am going to Germany in June. I haven’t been out of the country since 2009, and it happened to be to Germany for my study abroad program in college. I am just a giant bag of excitement. A GIANT BAG.

Keep it real.

Drift + spring makeup picks + update

Oh heeeey.

A lot has changed in my life recently. None of it has been easy, but some parts are wonderful. I have a lot of exciting plans in motion for later this year, many of which I will document on this blog if all goes well.

But for now…..spring. Houston has been such a little delight this season that I almost forgot that it will feel like a damn oven in a few short weeks. I’m not ready for the humidity. I’m not ready for the sweating. I’m not ready to look like a bowl of refried beans.







Dress: Kensie
Cardigan: Target
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Earrings: Forever 21

All of the white.

Spring has been nice to my skin, besides the couple of stress pimples I woke up to this morning. I’ve been using a new BB cream recommended by one of my colleagues, and there is nothing I rather slather on my face now.


From left to right: Tarte Tinted BB Cream, Atelier Cologne in Cedrat Enivrant, MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup and Make Up For Ever Artist Liner in M-10

I saw this cologne in a “free stuff” box at work, and liked the lime, masculine scent. I now smell like a clean man sipping a margarita in Cancún. Aw yes.

As for makeup, I’m totally digging this eyeliner I picked up while I was in New York last week. It’s a great alternative to NARS Via Veneto, and smudges pretty well with a short tapered brush. MAC’s Creme Cup is the perfect nude/pink lip for these hotter days.

So whaaaat, New York? Yes. I was totally there last week. Not only did I get to see a couple of awesome people, I freaking tried oysters for the first time and fell. in. love. Now it’s all I want. I can’t believe I have wasted 25 years of my life not eating oysters. I also had Japanese inspired Mexican food that was as weird and delicious as it sounds.



I also got super touristy and went to the top of the Empire State Building at night. It was so so cold but the view was incredible. My dumb ass self bought express tickets when lines weren’t even that bad, so if you ever go at night, just buy the cheapest ticket and go past midnight.


And of course, I went across the Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldi’s, which is probably one of my favorite things to do in New York.


And then last night I had the absolute pleasure of having a Little Black Dress themed dinner with a few fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers. I love meeting other bloggers, and am always so amazed by their work ethic and drive.

2015-03-29 22.38.10

Phew. Alright.

Coming undone

I need to add more color to my wardrobe besides black, red, white and navy. I swear I saw a Marine try to salute my closet because of how much it resembles an American flag.








Blazer: Target
Top: Forever 21
Pants: J.Crew
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Scarf: Target
Ring: Forever 21

I just want to wear pixie pants with everything. Actually, I just want to wear black every day.

College tours and Britney Spears’ legs

I hated Britney Spears as a kid because 1. She was dating Justin Timberlake and 2. She was dating Justin Timberlake. But I was awful at hiding that I actually did enjoy her music, and bought her albums despite my disdain. I remember giving her a ton of crap for the beach photoshoot pictures included in the CD booklet of her “Oops…I did it again” album.

“Who wears a sweater and shorts on the beach?” I would say.


No really……who?

Which brings me to today’s outfit. I would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Britney Jean Spears for all of my super lame 11 year-old insults.







Sweater: Target (similar)
Skirt: American Eagle (similar)
Belt: Gap
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar)

“Who wears a sweater and skirt on a sidewalk?”

I get colder on top than I do on the bottom and it’s not really that cold today and I think this is perfectly acceptable for weather like this and don’t look at me like that, Britney!

Okay, so I picture a prospective college student touring their potential future campus in something like this. The stripes that start past the shoulders has such a collegiate feel, and I love it. I rather be outside with the students at my job than inside an office reading GOMI when I should be working. What?

For anyone who may be looking at colleges soon, I put together a Mavatar collection of pieces that I think would suit your tour needs. Mavatar is a handy app that can be used on your handheld device or on Chrome to make it easier to find discount codes while shopping. You add the clothing items that you want from their supported stores, and any possible discounts are applied in your shopping cart. It’s a neat way to buy items from multiple stores at once and save money without having to Google discount codes.

Shop My Mavatar Cart

Happy college hunting!