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Outfits of the Week: Spring Edition

Here’s a compilation of the outfits I wore last week! If you would like to see these outfits in motion, check out my newest video here:


Black on black, and possibly for the last time because I am in a spring state of mind. All I want to do is wear pretty dresses now, but this outfit was perfect for trying on clothes and getting pissed at H&M’s weird sizing. How can their tops be so loose, yet have such tight arms? How?!


Okay, all I did was work and workout on this day, but I wanted to show my new pink training shoes. They’re a cheap pair from Primark and will probably fall apart in a couple weeks, but they make me happy when I wear them and that’s all that matters right?

My poor knees and limbs hate me.


I wanted to wear this lightweight mustard trench/cardigan before it gets too warm for any outer layers. I was trying to achieve an androgynous look, but my flats and blouse lean more on the feminine side.


This was my favorite outfit, and I actually wore it again with a cropped leather jacket to dinner a few days later. Floral dresses and flats are my go-to outfit, and I’m thankful I can finally put my tights away and enjoy actual sunshine on my legs.


Same outfit as before, slightly different styles. I had an Instagram-worthy time hanging out on my balcony for the first time this year.


I’m trying to wear more European brands since that’s what’s affordable and available to me now. I bought this sweet skirt from Mint & Berry for only 13 Euros, and it’s just so pretty. I felt whimsical biking around looking for a location to shoot these photos, and I can’t wait to wear it more this summer. I wasn’t a fan of the high-low trend a couple years ago, but I think this skirt is an exception.

And…..that’s it. Going to go tan my ghost legs now.

A step back

I am going to be that douche who shows you their week on Instagram because, well, Blue Bell came back and I liked my outfits.


Houston was mysteriously cool and gloomy last Friday, so I took advantage and threw on a sweater. I hate me, too.



Blue Bell came back on Monday, and so did my cardigans apparently. Still wishing for fall.



Wearing black, blue and white to match the stormy sky. Or it could have just been a coincidence.



My croissant-breasted self hung out with a coworker and her manfriend at Neil’s Bahr, which I had surprisingly never visited. We missed out on the karaoke and instead watched people compare dick sizes show off their cars at a bar nearby and ate Chinese from a food truck. Solid night.


I came home to find that the BABYMETAL Funko Pop shirt I ordered was way too big, but at least it came with this cute little Su-metal. She is proudly kitsune-ing at me on my desk.



Friday: Tacos and new shoes. I bought these darling Zara booties for $10 on Poshmark. I check this damn app every day and add stuff to my “Likes” list during my commute to work. It’s so addicting. They’re not even paying me to say that, I just freaking love it.

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