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Straight into Fall: Sammydress review

Since I am currently living on a part-time salary in good ol’ Deutschland, I can’t say no to companies when they contact me asking me to review their clothes. I mean, they give you money to spend on their website, it’s one of the most fun parts about blogging.

I picked a dress, bag, rings and a bitchin’ Shiba Inu cap at Sammydress.


The patch is perfect and just as expected, and the cap is adjustable. It has an embroidery of the words “Hachi-ko” on the back, which is backwards and best read in a mirror. Odd stuff, but it adds to the quirkiness of the hat.


I’m beginning to realize that I navigate towards this dress type a lot. I have several others like it in my closet, BUT THIS ONE IS PLAID. Germany and I have Fall on our mind, so I chose this girly piece to layer.



Perhaps my least favorite part about shopping at Sammydress is having to filter the clothes by size 4XL to 5XL. The sizes cater to petite figures, so of course this dress still had its downsides. For starters, it’s too short. Thankfully the weather is in the upper 60’s at the moment so tights are commonplace.

But it also had this weird opened gap at the bottom of the buttons that was too revealing for my taste. I also didn’t like the button closures on the arm, so I removed those two buttons and sewed them to the end of the skirt.


It also ties at the waist, and I couldn’t think of a style to tie it in besides a bow, but I’m not feeling it. I may remove it and replace it with a belt because I really do like this dress.


I paired it with a denim moto jacket to give it a somewhat summer feel.


The bag was perhaps the biggest disappointment. What can you expect from a $6 satchel though?


I like the style, but the craftsmanship ruins it. The material arrived wrinkled, and the corner of the bag is caving in. It doesn’t quite have the same clean look as the product photo. I would also prefer a longer strap, or at least the option to remove this one and add my own. It’s too long to wear as a shoulder bag but too short to wear as a crossbody.


I was much more impressed by the rings. They come in a variety of sizes and actually feel durable. I’ve bought my share of rings from Forever 21, Primark and H&M, and these are rather similar, if not a bit nicer.


Dress: c/o Sammydress
Bag: c/o Sammydress
Rings: c/o Sammydress
Cap: c/o Sammydress
Jacket: Gap
Shoes: Sam & Libby

As I mentioned in my previous reviews of low-cost fast fashion sites such as Sammydress, it’s a realistic option for those wanting to refresh their wardrobe on a limited budget. I highly recommend measuring yourself and comparing it to the size charts for the items you’re interested in, and to remember that the quality may suffer a bit. I made a few quick fixes to make this dress more wearable and I am absolutely terrible at alterations, so it’s possible.

Thank you to Sammydress for sponsoring this post.

Coming undone

I need to add more color to my wardrobe besides black, red, white and navy. I swear I saw a Marine try to salute my closet because of how much it resembles an American flag.








Blazer: Target
Top: Forever 21
Pants: J.Crew
Flats: Jeffrey Campbell
Scarf: Target
Ring: Forever 21

I just want to wear pixie pants with everything. Actually, I just want to wear black every day.

Street plaid

I was one of the few students at my Catholic school who actually liked their uniform. I liked it so much that I would lounge around in it after school, my legs propped up on the armrest of the couch while watching Nickelodeon. My mom would get home after 5 and ask why I still had it on. I thought it was cute.

I think it’s difficult for women past the age of 20 to wear a plaid skirt without looking like a delusional wannabe schoolgirl or like you just got back from a My Chemical Romance concert.








Jacket: American Eagle (similar)
Top: Target
Skirt: H&M
Flats: ALDO
Rings: Forever 21

I think the large pleats and subtle plaid on this skirt has the right amount of maturity for my age and style. A satin top with a high neckline (no plunging white button ups here) and pointy flats creates a wearable girly grunge look, which speaks to Catholic school girl Leah.

And when all else fails, I can just throw on some combat boots and trot off to a Babymetal concert. Death to 25.

Faces and condensation

My love for Houston’s warmth is gone. Sunny skies and cool wind has been replaced with fog and humidity. I rather wear a coat than have to reapply deodorant at work. It’s not cute.







Shirt: American Eagle (similar here)
Skirt: Hollister (similar here)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Forever 21 (similar here)

A little bit of gloom, a little bit school girl uniform. This white button up from AE is one of my favorites because it’s such a lightweight breathable piece. I was inspired by the large window in my living room and the overcast sky to play with lighting and shadow in these photos. It’s a little different, but I like it.

Have a great Tuesday and thank you for reading.



I live in Houston where the rodeo is a pretty big deal. Excuse me while I get into the pre-rodeo spirit with my plaid shirt and deer necklace.

“Leah, is that even a deer? What does that have to do with the rodeo?”

Sshh, just go with it.





Shirt: Old Navy (similar here)
Tank: American Eagle
Skirt: American Eagle (similar here)
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Lovesick (similar here)

American Eagle’s Project Live Your Life starts Monday and I am so excited. It’s my dream to be in one of their campaigns, and their back to school shoot would be perfect. I’ll be sure to include the link to my profile so that you guys can vote for me, you know, if you want to.

Have a great Saturday and thank you for reading.