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Smile Brilliant!

My smile is really important to me in photos, since I like to take close-ups of my face to show jewelry, makeup, to scare you, etc. I’ve always been quite proud of my teeth, and took decent care of them…until I became a vegetarian and just RUINED MY LIFE. Not really, but my teeth definitely went downhill. I’ll save you the scientific explanation for why this occurred, but I was really excited when Smile Brilliant! contacted me to ask if I would review their product.

I’ve managed to improve the health of my teeth, but not the appearance. I have stains from all the coffee I inhale on a daily basis, and am self-conscious about the yellow tinge that is noticeable on my cuspid teeth, or canine teeth, from the wine and beer I drink at all those parties I go to. Haha yeah. Socializing. I uh, totally do that.



I’ve tried teeth whiteners in the past, but nothing as advanced as this. While cosmetic dentists use teeth whitening gels and laser light to improve the appearance of teeth, Smile Brilliant only requires the use of their 22% Hi-Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel for 12 consecutive days. The carbamide peroxide in the gel gently breaks down stained organic deposits and oxidizes them until they’re white. This gel is used by dentists worldwide and produces the fastest and safest results in the least amount of time. Basically, you spend less time (and money) sitting in a dentist’s chair getting your ivories blasted with heat.

Before you can begin whitening, you have to first make an impression of your teeth to send to Smile Brilliant’s dental lab, where they create your custom bleaching trays.



Making my own teeth impressions was extremely easy. I was a bit intimidated by all the contents in the box, but it came with a clear, handy guide for how to make your molds.


You first combine one base paste with a catalyst paste until it is a solid blue.


You then fit it into your mold, making sure the paste is even throughout.



You press (don’t bite) the mold into your top teeth and hold it there for about 2 and a half minutes, or until the paste hardens a little. You’ll know it was a success when it comes off easily and doesn’t stick to your teeth.


Admire your teeth impression. I stared at mine for a bit just to see how freakin’ uneven my teeth are, geeze.


Repeat the process for the bottom half of your teeth, and try not to drool as much as I did. Seriously, Niagara Falls erupted out of my mouth.

Once you’re done, let your impressions sit for at least 30 minutes to let them harden, and slip them into the provided super convenient pre-paid packing envelope. Your whitening tray is expected to arrive within a week. Pretty sweet.


I plan to post updates during this process, so to make the results accurate and interesting, HERE ARE MY TEETH.



I definitely had to lower the brightness because the sun was being too generous. And if that wasn’t fun enough for you, my mom is joining in on the process.




If you would like to learn more about Smile Brilliant! and the teeth whitening process, here is a 2-minute video that may answer a few of your questions or pique your interest further:

Aaah wish me luck!