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I need a tote.

I have devoted the past week to obsessively looking at possible totes en route to work. I’m tired of having to carry my lunch, a book, an umbrella and all the rest of my crap in my hands. Who does that? Me. I do that.

Totes McGotes

1. Medium MAB Tote: Rebecca Minkoff
2. Inside-Out-Pocket Tote: Kate Spade Saturday
3. Medium Jet Set Saffiano Travel Tote: Michael Kors

Look how pretty! And structured!

I am leaning towards the Kate Spade Saturday Tote simply because Chelsea from Zipped wears it so well. I lack her casual cool style and long stature, but look at the organization.

Do you have any tote recommendations? Which is your favorite?

TV Finds: Orphan Black

I’ve recently become a fan of the BBC America series, “Orphan Black.” I finished the entire first season in four days and I am recommending it to everyone I know. So, you there, if you have any interest in science fiction or Canadians, you’ll like this show.

One surprising element of the show I didn’t expect to fall in love with is the fashion. The lead character plays various roles in the show who all dress differently. One of the characters, Beth Childs, is the most classic of the group. Aside from her gorgeous grey knit dress and trench coat, I fell most in love with her black leather satchel.

Beth Childs bag

It is structured, has minimal hardware, and a shoulder strap making it an ideal timeless purse. I am rarely attracted to bags that have tassels and zippers, so this one had my full attention whenever it was on screen. I wanted to find something similar in various price ranges, as seen below.

Satchel Finds

From left to right:

Marni Dual Compartment Crossbody Bag, $1,110

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Goodbye Columbus’ Top Handle Satchel, $548

Refined Envelope Satchel, $25

Material and craftsmanship aside, I love how you can achieve a certain look at various price ranges. These bags remind me most of the original purse and are simple enough to be paired in all seasons.

Is there a purse or accessory you love from a favorite show? Let me know and maybe we can find a similar one together.