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When I bought my VIP ticket a few months ago to see BABYMETAL in Chicago, and decided I was going to make it a 24 hour trip, my friends and family thought I was crazy and tried to convince me to “at least get a hotel room.” I was fully prepared to essentially “suffer” during this trip, but the complete opposite happened.

Traveling was smooth, and getting to the venue was not a problem. But by some insane luck, I walked up to a group of fans in line who also happened to be from Texas, and have a BABYMETAL Texas Facebook group. I can’t get over how everything seemed to align after that. They are an incredible group of people who immediately took me under their wing, and were so damn hilarious and generous. I couldn’t have asked for better friends to make that day.





I was convinced to go straight into the venue instead of stopping for merch, because I was with the Texas group near the front of the line, and we were pretty much guaranteed a spot at the barricade. I had always imagined what it would be like to be at the front of a BABYMETAL show, especially on Moa’s side, since she’s my absolute favorite. So when I rushed upstairs and saw that a spot was open at the front to the right (Moa’s platform), I rushed towards it and couldn’t help but yell “OH MY GOD!” once I realized where I was standing. Absolutely surreal.

I completely started to shake when the intro video began, and was screaming and jumping when the curtain dropped and I could finally see the girls. They are tiny and look much more mature and beautiful in person. I’m used to seeing them as cute little girls in videos, and could never focus on details in fan cams of shows. It was a totally new experience to be able to watch them uninterrupted by switching camera angles, and to be able to fully appreciate the details of their choreography, and interaction with the crowd.






To see more photos I took at the show, click here.

Su-metal’s facial expressions and hand movements helped tell a story during each ballad, and she paid special attention to everyone in the crowd, as if she were singing directly to each of us. I’ve never experienced such a personal connection during a live performance, which definitely customized the show for everyone.

The girls worked seamlessly together on stage and shared little moments, which was truly neat to see. Moa made a fishy pout to Su during Megitsune, Yui had a little rip in her tights near the end of the show and Moa messed up the choreography during 4 no Uta and shook her head and corrected herself immediately, like the professional she is. Yui had the biggest smile on her face at the end of Road of Resistance and bit her lip while she beamed at the crowd, and you could just see how excited she was to be there. All three of them stared up at the balconies a lot, which had two high levels. It was a very big show in a very small venue.


Thank you to all the friends I made in line. You made this day even more special for me, and I’m glad I am now a part of your group and finally have friends who love BABYMETAL as much as I do. I can’t wait to see everyone at future shows!

See you!