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My weight loss journey + fitness apparel picks

You don’t see many fashion/beauty bloggers that are a size 8-14 so I’m happy I’m able to step into that middle threshold of limited bloggers. Three years ago, when I was 70 pounds heavier, I would have never dreamed of putting full body photos on the internet, much less showcase my style.

fat collage

I love putting little collages of my old photos together because it reminds me of how far I’ve come. I question my progress and am still upset with my body but all of those feelings disappear when I look at these photos.

I lost it the healthy way and completely on my own, I’m glad to report. I was unemployed at the time and fresh out of college, so my body and health were the only thing I had control over. I lost my first 23 pounds by cutting the amount of calories I ate in half, completing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and running a mile every day. What started out as 23 pounds soon turned into 30, then 50, and then not even five months later, 70. I had gone from 244, obese for my height, down to 174.

I’m not done. I won’t ever be done. Even once I reach a healthy weight, I need to maintain it. I made a choice in June of 2011 to not give up on myself or ever be that big again. It hurts, it’s difficult and I hate it most of the time, but holy crap, I do not want to ever gain that weight back.

Workout bottoms for touching thighs

From left to right:
Old Navy Active Compression Capris
GapFit gStride Running Shorts
Aerie Midi Yoga Shorts

I swear by these three bottoms for girls with bigger thighs and middles. The first set of shorts are ideal for running, because they can pull up over your stomach and keep your thighs from moving too much when taking strides. The Gap shorts in the middle are the only pair that I can run comfortably in without fear of them riding up. They’re also ideal for home or gym workouts, and have a handy zippered pocket in the back. The yoga shorts are awesome for, well, yoga. I don’t need to pull down the legs every few seconds and the fold over top is flattering on larger bellies.

Boob sweat trappers

From left to right:
AE Racerback Boyfriend Tank
Old Navy Active Sports Bra
Old Navy Active Mesh Top

As for tops, I usually wear old concert t-shirts layered over a tank top. 100% of my tanks are from American Eagle because they’re thin yet durable, fit to my body and don’t move while running. I buy all my sports bras from Old Navy because they have the best fit and are so damn affordable. I recommend eventually getting a mesh top for any outdoor sports or biking, especially in the summer. They keep your torso cool and don’t collect sweat, which typically weighs you down.

Do you have any fitness goals this summer? What is your favorite fitness clothing brand? I’m happy to see more clothing stores like American Eagle and DailyLook incorporating active wear into their shops.

Have a great Wednesday and thank you for reading.