Taking the heat

We keep it chilly in my apartment at night, so I receive a rude awakening every morning when I step outside to walk the dog and I am slapped across the face by Houston’s slimy heat. I spend the brief moments before entering my hell thinking, “Maybe I’ll wear pants today,” which quickly turns into, “I am ready for death.”

Skirts and t-shirts are the only outfit that keep me from packing my bags and moving to Greenland. Imagine the photos though. Hm.






Shirt: American Eagle (similar)
Skirt: American Eagle (similar)
Sandals: American Eagle
Bracelets: American Eagle
Lips: Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic

All AE. I swear I’m not sponsored, I just live at that store.

This is my, “people are walking by and I feel like an idiot so I’m going to pretend to adjust the settings” face.



  • Kendall

    So pretty! Like everything about this look, from the matching lip color to the multicolor bracelet. Red looks great on you and you’re convincing me that I need more of it in my wardrobe. Perfect “one last summer hurrah” outfit, even though it’ll probably be hot for a while.

    • Thanks, Kendall! Red scares the crap out of me, but a t-shirt is easy. I may pull a Starbucks and start fall early…and then instantly regret it when it’s late September and still 90 degrees out.

  • Jodi-Kay Edwards

    Haha you’re funny, yes I’ve been getting B* slapped by the heat here lately as well. Atleast you’re not letting the heat stop you from looking awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jodi-Kay! The outfits stop being awesome when I’m covered in sweat by the end of taking photos. Is it fall yet?

  • Made in Mauve

    Love the shoes! You look great!


    • Thank you! I’m totally stalking your blog right now.