Website review:

Dezzal is a new shopping site that claims to feature in-house designers and selected designer brands. The clothing style is described as “edgy yet complementary” to appeal to the young urban woman seeking unique designs.

I was expecting a website similar to the likes of Chicwish, SammyDress and ROMWE; colorful banners, pages and pages of $4 dresses, featured bloggers automatically updating in a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. But instead I was welcomed by a very clean, modern black and white page with professional photography.

dezzal screen

I always check out a new website’s dresses first to get an idea of their style and cost. The prices ranged from $50 to $360, the most expensive dress being a 100% silk striped midi dress that actually comes in a size 2XL.

Oh but wait, according to their size conversion chart, a 2XL is a US size 8! What!

size conversion

As a size 12, I can already pretty much conclude that majority of the clothes on this website would not fit me unless it were meant to fit “oversized” or contained an elastic or rayon material. But who wants to wear synthetics in the summer? Not my “4XL” self.

But okay, not everyone is a size 12. Slender and petite women who shimmy comfortably into a size 8 and below can still take advantage of the actual unique and eye-catching design of these clothes. I was really impressed by the style selection and thoughtful details and craftsmanship. I’ve never tried on any of their clothes, so I can’t attest that the pieces are as attractive in person, but I was inspired by all the lace, embroidery and silhouettes. My following picks are all either 100% cotton or silk.

PicMonkey Collage

Dezzal appears to take its designers seriously, and features them and their collections on the website. I see a real emphasis put on the creative vision behind the design of every piece, and admired the separate tab for the designers so that you can read about their aesthetic and shop their pieces directly.

I did find one inconsistency regarding the designers and their items, which is the double appearance of this white dress. It is listed under two different designers and prices despite being the exact same 100% polyester dress. The only difference I could find was the addition of it being “micro-elastic” under the product description for the more expensive dress. But this minor detail shouldn’t warrant one dress being more expensive, much less the work of a second designer.

white dress 2

white dress 1

Perhaps this was simply a mistake, or I am just not seeing the difference, but it’s a beautiful dress regardless.

I’m also impressed that the site ships worldwide, and shipping is free if you spend $59 or more. But remember that your country may charge you taxes for ordering from a website outside of your country, or Europe for my case. The more expensive the item, the higher the tax.

Overall, I enjoyed scrolling through these modern designs and have already bookmarked a few dresses to revisit when Germany decides to stay consistently warm. I am sick of pants, and my wardrobe could use a few cool fresh designs.

Thank you to Dezzal for inspiring this post.

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  • Mary&Mungo

    Beware Dezzal. My dress was badly made and looked cheap. However, when I contacted them and asked for a refund they have only offered store credit – why would I want to buy anything else when their first offering was such poor quality? Not happy with Dezzal at all.

    • Leah

      It sounds like returning items is a hassle, but I was satisfied with my items so I didn’t go through that process. I will keep this in mind for the future since you’re the second person to tell me this.

  • AC Tizing

    For the potential customers… Just know that when ur ordered from France for instance, u’ll have 28 euros taxe more. I ordered 3 items … 2 were cancelled by dezzal … the last one arrive 3 weeks after my command.

    and of course, I still wait for the refound.

    JUST GOOD TO KNOW … no ?

    • Taxes on items shipped to the EU from a foreign country are expected. There were taxes on my items because our countries prefer us to buy goods from each other. Your bad experience with the site is unfortunate, but doesn’t mean it happens regularly.

      • AC Tizing

        Thank you for this evidence, but I just think that:

        – 1 item cancelled in 24h
        – The second item cancelled in 48h

        – the last one expected for 3 weeks (not delivered yet!)

        – the global amount not refund until the last one is shiped

        – and the FINAL BIG TAXE to receive the item (never mentionned by the chat team)

        is not unfortunate … but unreliable !

        It’s the first time I publish a bad comment in my life!
        and the last time I order on this website.
        I wish I had this info before I ordred.

        • Leah

          I’m sorry this happened, but again, it may not be the case for everyone. I have bought things online and wasn’t aware of the tax until the delivery person was outside my door with an invoice. It seems to be the case mostly for orders over 100 Euros. It’s also important to remember that these items are shipping from China, so it takes extra time. I would say my average waiting time is 3 to 4 weeks.

        • Anne cali

          i really like your review it helps customers like myself, i have ordered from these sits before i got the same treatment from them, its always very hard to get your money back from them and also the goods DOES NOT worth the money. for the price of their coats they should make sure you have all the info. to me it’s a deceitful trick, that’s why its hard to return your money… PS your review was very helpful, because i was going to buy a coat but decided to look up the reviews first. thanks,

        • Anne cali

          not once has this woman apologised to you for such horrible service …. WOW! very nice customer service…. instead she says too bad lool

          • Leah

            If you’re referring to me, then I would like to remind you that I do not work for Dezzal so I do not have to apologize on behalf of anyone.

  • aammr

    I just had my first Dezzal experience. I spent roughly £200 on three items. They arrived in good time but in two separate packages, both of which were subject to customs charges totaling £32. A cardigan was as expected; nice quality and as it looked on the website. The other two items were shoddy and cheap looking. A dress that looked like something from a fairy tale on the website arrived scrunched up in its ziplock bag and smelling really damp and horrible. It also did not fit at all and was much shorter than it looked in the photo – unwearably short in my case. There was also an invoice included in the parcel that listed each item at roughly a third of the price I paid for them – prices in fact that were much more in keeping with the quality of the goods. So that made me feel completely ripped off all over again. I’ve ordered clothes from Asia before and been disappointed, but never ones in this price range. NEVER AGAIN.

    • Leah

      I’m sure you contacted customer service about this and I hope it gets resolved. I haven’t experienced any problems like this, besides one dress fitting a bit too small, which may be a consolation to anyone who comes across this comment and is interested in purchasing from the site. Thanks for sharing.

  • Venera Rast

    It says if you spend over $59.00 it’s free shipping. But Today I got phone call from DHL asking me to pay $27.90. What this means? Is someone can explain to me.

    • Leah

      If you’re in Germany, or another EU country, then you have to pay taxes on items purchased outside of the EU. It’s irritating, but it has nothing to do with Dezzal, just your country.

    • Jp Lo

      I wish i’ve seen this site before I ordered.
      It might be you are paying for the shipping Vanessa.
      Please give an update what happened to your order.

      I usually do not trust chinese based companies because of the above problems.
      But the clothes from the site are too nice to resist.

      AC Tizing was taxed 28 Euros more, that sounds very high for 1 item.

      • The taxes have nothing to do with the shipping price, just the price of the item. When you buy from companies outside of your country or Europe, there is a tax. The more expensive the item, the higher the tax.

        • Olivera Babic

          Yes but they don’t make it clear where the item is coming from so the tax is a surprise… I bought a coat and it arrived from China. Had to pay £19 customs tax. Then it didn’t fit as it was too small due to lack of sizing info on the site/description. £23 to send back! So I am over £40 worse off and no coat! If I ask for a larger replacement I will have to pay £19 customs tax again. So a coat priced at £110 actually ends up costing me £171.00 !!!!! Its just not worth it. It also takes nearly 3 weeks to arrive. NOT HAPPY

          • Right, that’s really awful. I’m sure you’ve emailed customer service, but I would keep contacting them.

    • It sounds like you’re in Germany, which means you have to pay taxes on your items. I also live in Germany and every time I buy something from outside of Europe, I have to pay taxes depending on the price of the item I ordered. This is not Dezzal’s fault.

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  • Allison Jones

    Hi,i am from U K. I want to share my experience too and hope that will help customers like me to shop online. I became shopping on dezzal attracted by one fantastic promotion on facebook. My first experience on the site is good except £16 taxes are charged too,the others are good. i ordered US 8 as it suggested but I find it tight around bust. I love the dress though, it moves nicely and been lovingly sewn. I think will go there next time again

  • Yang Crystal

    I have made two ordered from Dezzal, and I would like to share my experience there too. The items are absolutely nice, I have ordered four dresses, each of the dress looks gorgeous on me, although it fit a little tight, but it’s my fault for not refer to the size guide. I have also been charged with custom, but that is not their fault. Will keep shopping there! The clothes looks much better than my local shop.

  • Alice Sutherland

    I bought a dress from Dezzal which (unexpectedly) was sent from China, the size was too small and I had to return it. In order to return it, I had to post it to China at a cost to me of £12.45. Delivery of the dress has been tracked to China and shows that the dress arrived in China more than a week ago and has been waiting for the supplier to collect it. If they don’t take receipt of the parcel it will be returned to me in the UK. Meanwhile, I get no reply from my emails to Dezzal, and my last hope is that I will be able to recover some money through Paypal once all other possibilities have been exhausted. Had I known that the dress was coming from China I wouldn’t have made the purchase in the first place. My advice is to stay clear of this company.

    • Leah

      Thanks for your feedback, Alice. Ill-fitting clothes and bad experiences with returns seems to be a recurring issue, so hopefully this will be fixed in the near future if they want to be successful.

  • Leanne Miller

    The price of this reseller is between 500/600% higher than most stores selling the same garment from the same suppler. When you spend £20 and find the item is garbage its just annoying but when you spend £120 for the same crap its painful especially as you stand little to no chance of ever getting a refund “Even with Paypal”, Just avoid them and use lightinthebox, AliExpress or DHgate. Sadly most suppliers prey on people by selling garbage but since nearly all of the clothes we buy from the High Street are made in China there are good deals to be had, just not at Dezzal

  • Evgenia Eugenia

    Horrible service, they did mistake sending me the package and don’t want to refund me the total price! Their warehouse is in China!
    I would never order again, neither recommend it to someone.